Sweden and Muslim Refugees

Sweden and Muslim Refugees

Sweden and Muslim Refugees

Last month Tom and JoAnn were in Sweden to speak at churches and events about the need to reach Muslims with the Gospel. The recent negative events connected to Muslim refugee government sponsored programs have caused the country that had the most accepting immigration policy to do an about face. Sweden is now deporting immigrants.


The good news is that some churches in Sweden are reaching out with the gospel and Muslims are responding. These families below are from the Iran and they came to faith in Christ while in Sweden. The church that reached out to them also has Afghans, Syrians, and Iraqis. The Church in Alunda, Sweden is on fire with passion to reach Muslim families and they have fully been embraced and welcomed into the church. May there be a thousand more churches like this in the West!

Benjamin is a 22-year-old Muslim from Afghanistan and loves Jesus wholeheartedly.

Because of the wave of Muslim crimes, rapes, and robberies, in Sweden and Europe in general he is being deported back to Afghanistan. Because his family is hardline Muslim, he will be killed once he returns because of the shame of him being rejected as a refugee and also because of his new faith in Christ. Benjamin will not hide his faith and will immediately tell his family about Jesus and how HE changed his life while in Sweden.

Will you please pray for Benjamin?

He is a young warrior for Christ and he is content even if he has to go back to a sure death in Afghanistan. It is possible that he will be able to go to Italy and there is at least one other Afghani believer in the refugee camp in Sicily. He also met Jesus in Sweden! Benjamin’s faith is encouraging believers in the Swedish church.

Thank you for your fervent prayers! God is moving, and we must not shrink back but step in to the places where He is manifesting Himself and His glory to Muslims and Jews. This is our time!

For the King,

     Tom Doyle for UnCharted Ministries

Colossians 3:1

“Since then you’ve been raised with Christ,

set you hearts on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.”

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  1. 디커슨린다

    Says November 04, 2018 at pm 12:40

    Yes. And if the Lord leads him to South Korea, we will take him into our home. We will ask our family in Italy to pray and to aid.

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