Martyr Spirit Speakers Series

Martyr Spirit Speakers Series

Martyr Spirit Speakers Series

Martyr Spirit Speakers Series

순교자 영성 강의 시리즈

Voice of the Martyrs Korea regularly invites living martyrs and partners of the persecuted church to speak at special events that are open to the public. Speakers discuss the situation that the church in their country faces, how Christians in their country are persevering through faithful witness, and what they’ve learned about God’s character through their struggles. All proceeds go toward supporting the speakers’ ministry with the persecuted church.


자주 묻는 질문

Why host a living martyr?

The goal of the Martyrs Spirit Series isn’t to elicit sympathy for the persecuted church. It’s to challenge Christians in the free world to become more like their brothers and sisters in the persecuted world. Becoming more like our persecuted brothers and sisters is the first step in understanding how to properly pray for them and support them.

Can you give me an example of some of the speakers you’ve had before?

Past Martyr Spirit Speakers Series

지난 강연 자료실

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