Maldives Radio Broadcast

Maldives Radio Broadcast


지난 1년간의 몰디브 방송 사역

The latest update on Maldives TVOM Radio Broadcast is perhaps the least exciting VOMK update to read.

But in this case, “least exciting” is actually the best!

That’s because “least exciting” means that the project has continued successfully without problems! In fact, we’ve continued to broadcast successfully on a daily basis since April 1 , 2022 with no jamming and no reception problems!

275 broadcasts have been successfully received on the Maldivian islands with a strong and clear signal since “day one” of the broadcast.

Especially for radio projects, “least exciting project reports” are exactly the type of reports that we want. Simply put . . . it means that the “Word of God” is being clearly sent and clearly received.


Pastor Tim records an English language sermon for the broadcast to the Maldives.

As you’ll remember, the beginning of the project was the exact opposite. It was quite exciting, but not in the way that any of us wanted or expected. There were many difficulties that resulted at the start of the project, including


  • Government pressure stopped the acquisition of the original medium-wave radio signal.
  • Increased cencorship/surveillance by the Maldivian government towards Christian material.
  • Slow translation of Dhivehi language Bible and Christian materials.
  • Maldivian radio announcers worried about voices being used on the air.


Despite these difficulties, we made a commitment to the Lord to continue “moving forward” with the project in any and every way that we could.


Early on in the process of “moving forward,” we found that 60% of the population (roughly estimated at 318,000) have radios in their households. And since the government had recently acquired the ability to jam medium-wave broadcasts, a short-wave radio signal would be more effective to reach these 60% of households. Additionally, a short-wave signal could reach the full 90,000 square kilometer/1000 + islands of the archipelago wheras an AM signal would have to be targeted to a particular area.


And the rest is history! We’ve been sending a strong short-wave radio signal successfully to the Maldives since April 1, 2022!


Independent, verifiable reports from around the world continue to be one of the best ways to confirm that our broadcast has a good signal and is able to be received. Some reports are more interesting than others, but all reports are extremely valuable since they give us good data related to our broadcast. Below are just a few of the new reports that we’ve received (we are sharing these reports with minimal changes from what was originally sent to us)


Report #1

Receiver: ICOM 718
Antenna: Inverted V

When I tuned to Voice of Martyrs Korea I heard male announcers speaking. I have attached the recording with this mail. I will be happy if you can please verify the report and send the QSL card with the programme guides, pennants, stickers to the following address.

From: Ar**

Screenshot (1)

Actual screenshot of a radio tuned in to VOMK Maldives’ broadcast. This was sent to us as part of a reception report that we received.

Report #2 (note the man’s reference to the Dhivehi language broadcast which he identifies as an “unknown language”)

I am very pleasure to tell you at hearing of your signal. It is very surprised to hear of your voice with very good signal on 11620kHz. But now it is a pity that there is no the Bible talk in English. In May, the first 10 minutes of the program, was an English Bible talk. And on May 31 and June 4, it was all times in English of the Bible talk. But unfortunately, there is no recordings left. After June 13th, when I heard it next times, everything was replaced with my unknown local language. Where did the English Bible talk go?

The receiver I was using is PERSEUS, and the antenna was loop outdoor with ALA1530 at 8 meters high. My location is in Nagoya City of the 3rd large populations in Japan, so very noisy.

Details of the program I heard are given below, in local language, and in English of your announcement.

From: Ha**

Prayer Requests


  • Pray for each Maldivian who hears our broadcasts. Pray that the Word of God would do it’s work in the heart of each Maldivian who hears our broadcast. Pray, according to Isaiah 55:11, that God’s Word wouldn’t return void.
  • Pray for the relationships that we’ve developed with other Christian ministries who are currently working in the Maldives. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, it is often very difficult to work together. We continue to pray that the Lord would help us develop relationships that could be used for his glory in the Maldives.

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