Maldives Radio Broadcast

Maldives Radio Broadcast


When this project began, we said that the “enemy was roaring like a lion”, due to a series of events that almost stopped this project before it started:

  • The Maldives government thwarted the use of a medium-wave signal directed that would target the Maldives.
  • The Maldives increased their internet censorship and surveillance towards Christian material.
  • Our Maldivian radio announcers became worried about the recording their voices for use on the broadcast and declined to record.
  • Audio Bible content in the Dhivehi language, which was originally promised, was found to be not yet approved for radio broadcast use and additional Christian content in Dhivehi was hacked and deleted by the government.
  • Our original radio partners decided that they couldn’t offer any additional help or assistance with the project.
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A volunteer records an English language broadcast for the Maldives.

Despite the rocky beginning to the project, the Lord blessed us with success in the project in the following ways:


  • Secured a short-wave signal apart from the Maldivian government’s interference.
  • Connected with the few ministries engaged in meaningful Maldivian gospel activities.
  • Compiled Maldivian gospel content from several sources.
  • Sent strong and clear broadcast signal with minimal interference.
  • Recorded and broadcasted the gospel into the Maldives for 731 days straight (once our broadcast ends on March 31st, 2024)


This project has been a perfect example of how despite significant struggles, the Lord clearly orchestrated the project from beginning to end. It was clear from the beginning that the Maldivian government did not want this broadcast signal to begin (they were instrumental in shutting down the first signal) and yet the Lord prepared the way for an even better signal to take his Word to the full 90,000 square kilometer/1000 + islands of the archipelago!

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We were also reminded of the Lord’s continued work in the Maldives, despite unsurmountable odds, through a recent message from a fellow laborer for the Maldives, who has long been working on the translation of the Bible into Dhivehi. In his message he references the mysterious story of Scottish poet and linguist John Leyden and his efforts to translate the four gospels into Dhivehi. He was ultimately successful, but due to his death (and other equally mysterious factors) the translations were completely lost. Now, over 200 years later, the Lord has seen fit to complete the task that Leyden started for the Maldivian people.

Prayer Requests


  • Pray for the last few months of the Maldives radio broadcast! Pray that each daily broadcast would have a strong and clear signal, and pray that both Christians and non-Christians would tune in and hear the Word of God proclaimed in the Divehi language.
  • Pray for the continued gospel work in the Maldives. Pray that Bible translation into the Divehi language continues. We know that God continues to work, even in ways that we aren’t aware.

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