UU 차이나

To enable the church in China to remain one body with the church around the world today and the church throughout history, at a time when the Chinese government is trying to sever both types of connections. 

First UU China Training of 2021

We held our first training of 2021 with Pastor N and his congregation earlier this year. God granted us the perfect “window of opportunity” as the Coronavirus regulations tightened once again after we finished our training.

Since this group has already done a full year of training with us, we were able to introduce new materials that we haven’t been able to use before with previous UU China groups. When we started UU China, it was designed to be a two-year program, so we are thankful to be able to take Pastor N’s congregation through the full program. Dr. Hyun Sook Foley introduced to them the HJ (Hero’s Journey) materials which we’ve used for years to help our North Korean UU students understand and tell their own stories from a Godly perspective.

Pastor N with one of the newest additions to the church.

Recently, one of the Chinese families left the church at least in part because of the threats from the Chinese government. And several families in the congregation are struggling to understand the persecution from the Chinese government. The HJ materials are well-suited to help these members reframe their own stories of confusion and despair to stories where God is recognized as having complete control and directing every aspect of their lives.

We are currently in the process of planning a follow-up visit to review and coach their first attempts at writing their own HJ stories.

The Bicycle Thief

Pastor N shared a story about his friend to demonstrate to us how much control the Chinese government wields with its “big data” system.

Pastor N and our translator talk in front of the community garden.

His friend (that still lives in China) recently had his bicycle stolen and he reported the theft to the local police officer. In a short amount of time the officer had identified who the thief was by reviewing the video footage from the government’s extensive camera/face id system.

After the officer identified the man, the officer accessed this man’s bank account and removed the equivalent of about $100 USD. The officer then called the man and told him that he was identified as the thief and that $100 was removed from his account and that he should return the bike immediately.

Now, if you are the one who had his bicycle stolen, you might be a little relieved that the government dealt so quickly and efficiently with the theft of your bike. But it does demonstrate the power that the government has in controlling and monitoring its citizens. This is one of the reasons that the government has been so effective at stopping underground church gatherings and also in monitoring the families of those Christians who have been arrested. Essentially, it is almost impossible for people to do things in secret anymore . . . including going to a church gathering.

Please Pray With Us For The Following Requests:

이 사역을 위해 기도해주시기 바랍니다.

  • Continue to pray for the four Chinese individual that were found guilty in relation to the selling and producing of Bible players. They all received different sentences, but Fu Xuanjuan received the longest (6 years). Please pray for each of them and their families and for the Lord to guide their next steps.
  • Please pray for Chinese underground church pastors as they lead their congregations amidst an oppressive CCP “Big Data” monitoring system. It has become harder for churches to meet together (both online and offline) since the CCP has numerous ways they can track and identify its citizens.

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