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Staff Positions

대외협력 간사 COMM Team Coordinator

The Comm Team Coordinator shall be responsible for the following:

a.)  Written and spoken translation

b.)  Assisting with website, social media, and newsletter development.

c.)  Assisting with publishing efforts (book design, printing, permissions, ISBN acquisitions, promotion, sales, distribution).

d.)  Communicating with constituents through SNS.

e.)  Responding to inquiries from the public.

f.)   Hospitality.

g.)  General Office duties including but not limited to word processing; database management; subscriber list maintenance; answering phone and email; office cleaning and maintenance; food preparation and cleanup; light furniture moving.

h.)  Regular additional project responsibilities as assigned by the Employer, including but not limited to participation in the organization’s work with North Korean defectors.

i.)   Assisting with champion development.

j.)   Assisting with public relations.

k.)  Assisting with event planning, promotion, and coordination.

l.)   Representing the organization at events.

m.) Other tasks as directed by the Employer.

북한 사역 담당 사역자 (대전) North Korean Ministry Coordinator

Voice of the Martyrs Korea operates two weekly schools for North Korean defectors. These include Underground Technology (UT) (a discipleship program for learning basic Christine doctrine, knowledge and habits in accordance with traditional Christianity) and Underground University (UU) (A missionary training school for North Korean defectors to be missionaries who operate according to the missionary methods of the underground church). We are recruiting ministers to serve together at these two schools to disciple North Korean defectors to be doers of God’s word. Speakers of both Korean and English preferred. We are looking for ministers who, even if they are unable to speak English, are hoping to continue learning on an ongoing basis. Drivers with type 1 driver’s license preferred. We are looking for ministers who are living in Daejeon. Duties include administration ministries related to the schools, student visitation and management, preparing for and leading class, event planning and preparation. After a period of regular training, ministers undertake lecturing, training, and various evangelism trips.

Related ministries: UT, UU, Discipleship

일본어 사역자 Japan coordinator

VOM Korea is accepting applications for the Japan Coordinator position. The coordinator would be responsible for learning and sharing the stories of persecuted Christians with Japanese speaking people around the world. The coordinator will translate stories and news items from English to Japanese, and then share those stories through relationships built with the media and churches. English proficiency, excellent computer skills and a bachelor’s degree are required. Korean language proficiency, and a master’s degree are preferred but not required. Position is full-time from Tuesday to Saturday.

출판사 매니저 Publishing Company Manager

Provide day-to-day oversight of the publishing company, including print, digital, and audio projects in all language groups, from content acquisition through editorial development, production management, promotion, distribution, customer tracking, licensing, reporting, sales analysis, legal work, and mission deployment.

웹 디자이너 Web Designer

Voice of the Martyrs Korea is looking for someone (some English speaking desired) to maintain and update their multiple web-sites. Knowledge of WordPress is important and knowledge of HTML/CSS/JQUERY/Javascript is helpful but not necessary.

Application Process

1. Resume – Please submit your resume to the e-mail address below. After reviewing, Voice of the Martyrs Korea may send you an inquiry form.
[email protected]

2. Inquiry Form – Please return the filled inquiry form as fast as possible and, if possible, in English.

3. Interview – Multiple interviews may be conducted as the situation requires. In case of translation work, translation tests may also be conducted.

4. References – References will be required from former employers and local church.

5. Acceptance upon final review.