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재정 · 회계 담당 간사 Bookkeeper/Accountant

  1. Manage all aspects of day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting processes including but not limited to: A/P, A/R, payroll, petty cash, wire transfer, ledger entries, and bank reconciliation.
  2. Prepare ledger entries for all expenses, including prepaid expenses and payroll cash accounts.
  3. Process and pay all invoices in a timely manner.
  4. Receive, receipt, and deposit all organizational revenue, providing all required information to the donor data entry team in a timely and organized manner.
  5. Allocate donations according to donor requirements
  6. Serve as primary liaison with the bank, visiting the bank in person and conducting online transactions as required.
  7. Arrange for the issuance of and track all organizational debit, credit, and other payment cards (e.g., subway).
  8. Perform annual tax reporting process for vendors and contractors.
  9. Prepare monthly and annual financial reports, including standard financial reports, budget vs. actual reports, grant-specific financial reports, project-specific financial reports, apportioned expenses, and all monthly and annual closing documents.
  10. Maintain organization’s chart of accounts, including designated income tracking.
  11. Coordinate with outside CPA and Auditors in preparation of year-end audit.
  12. Develop the Employer’s annual report in collaboration with Auditors.
  13. Support Leadership Team in development and analysis of annual organization budget and project budgets.
  14. Maintain accounting procedures and policies and systems of internal controls to ensure the integrity of all financial systems.
  15. Ensure the presence of relevant financial documents and signed proof of payment for each expense (e.g., invoices, receipts, contracts, timesheets).
  16. Establish monthly exchange rates for all relevant currencies.
  17. Provide regular accounting of organization’s cash.
  18. Manage expense reimbursement, petty cash, check request, and other financial business processes.
  19. Establish payment schedules, plan for upcoming expenses, and manage cash flow as required to meet the operational needs of the Employer.
  20. Assist in the preparation of payroll, employee taxes, and severance payments with third party service provider.
  21. Prepare and provide donation records.
  22. File financial data and documents in an organized and orderly way as soft copy and hard copy, according to Employer requirements
  23. Assist in the updating of financial policies and procedures.
  24. Attend relevant meetings with Employer’s partners and project teams.
  25. Responding in a timely and courteous manner to inquiries from constituents to resolve donation and payment questions.
  26. Participating in the Employer’s hospitality to guests, volunteers, and visitors.
  27. Representing the Employer at events.
  28. General Office duties including but not limited to word processing; database management; subscriber list maintenance; answering phone and email; office cleaning and maintenance; food preparation and cleanup; light furniture moving.
  29. Regular additional project responsibilities as assigned by the Employer, including but not limited to participation in the organization’s work with North Korean defectors.
  30. Other work as assigned.

중국 프로젝트 매니저 China Project Manager

VOMK is seeking a full-time project manager based in Jeongneung to coordinate and administer our Chinese language work, including field projects, training events, publishing, social media, and website.



  • Develop and manage detailed project budgets, tasks, goals for all China projects
  • Manage staff and contract resources and third parties/vendors on all Chinese language work
  • Plan and coordinate training events for various Chinese language constituencies, including establishing and managing budgets, invitations, facility identification and rental, participant transportation, in-event translation, resource preparation and distribution, and follow-up
  • Write daily project update notes and quarterly project update reports for each project
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and on-goal
  • Ensure accurate translation and publication of all Chinese-language resources in print and electronic media, participating in translation and editing where needed
  • Manage changes to the project schedule, budget, and tasks
  • Ensure financial disbursement and receipting as according to VOMK policies
  • Manage all constituent relationships, including sponsors, volunteers, vendors, staff, and students
  • Perform risk management to minimize potential risks
  • Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals



  • Proven working experience in project and personnel management in a ministry context
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills
  • Experience with finance, administration, and participation in multiple simultaneous projects in a ministry environment
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience
  • Fluency in English and Chinese required and Korean preferred

사내변호사/법무사 Senior In-House Counsel

Voice of the Martyrs Korea, a Seoul-based Korean Christian NGO, has a full-time permanent staff opening for a paralegal to assist with the following:

1. Act as liaison with outside legal counsel.
2. Research and report to the leadership team on Korean employment law developments and recommend appropriate changes to VOMK policies and practices.
3. Research and report to the leadership team on legal and political developments in Korea impacting the organization and its work and interests.
4. Research and report to the leadership team on corporate and employee tax, benefit, and wage questions.
5. Negotiate and manage property leases, property purchases, and other capital and large purchase contracts.
6. Manage insurances on all properties and vehicles.
7. Address legal issues and potential legal issues related to VOMK properties.
8. Advise on and assist with accounting issues with legal implications.
9. Respond to non-court related legal matters, fines, and inquiries.
10. Handle required periodic legal filings.
11. Maintain corporate legal records.
12. Develop and manage the employee personnel manual and policies.
13. Act as compliance officer on public health, safety, and data collection issues.
14. Conduct legally mandated staff trainings (currently 5) in, e.g., sexual harassment, personal information, security.
15. Complete work-related (i.e., non-recreational) passport and visa applications for VOMK staff.
16. Draft employment and contractor contracts, housing agreements, disciplinary notifications, severance agreements, and other employment related documentation; assist in record maintenance.
17. Act as liaison on field projects involving legal defense and/or advocacy.
18. Act as liaison for religious asylum cases VOMK is supporting in Korea and abroad.
19. Other work as assigned.

Key Requirements: 1. Mature, active Protestant Christian
2. Appropriate degree from a recognized university
3. Minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in legal practice
4. Mastery of research skills in diverse topic areas
5. Organizational aptitudes, especially in project management
6. Technological competence
7. Emotional intelligence
8. Strong skills in interpersonal, written, and formal presentations
9. Ability to work both independently with little supervision and in a highly-structured team environment
10. Ability to work in a high-pressure environment for a controversial Christian organization
11. Bilingual English/Korean

Position is located in the Jeongneung neighborhood of Seoul. Housing is provided in community apartments on a space-available basis for qualifying permanent employees.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and request a VOMK employment inquiry form from Kim Ga-Young Siljangnim at [email protected].

More information about Voice of the Martyrs Korea may be found at,

자원봉사 담당 간사 Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Team (VT) Coordinator is one of four coordinators at Voice of the Martyrs Korea (VOMK) who help the ministry’s donors, newsletter readers, and social media subscribers to live out Hebrews 13:3 by providing information about VOMK, sharing the stories of persecuted Christians and their overcoming faith, thanking donors for their gifts, and overseeing volunteers at VOMK’s offices. The VT Coordinator communicates with donors extensively every day via phone, e-mail, and SNS, travels to represent VOMK at church events, updates VOMK’s database, writes reports, gives tours at VOMK’s offices, and supervises volunteers on VOMK projects.

대외협력 간사 COMM Team Coordinator

The Comm Team Coordinator shall be responsible for the following:

a.)  Written and spoken translation

b.)  Assisting with website, social media, and newsletter development.

c.)  Assisting with publishing efforts (book design, printing, permissions, ISBN acquisitions, promotion, sales, distribution).

d.)  Communicating with constituents through SNS.

e.)  Responding to inquiries from the public.

f.)   Hospitality.

g.)  General Office duties including but not limited to word processing; database management; subscriber list maintenance; answering phone and email; office cleaning and maintenance; food preparation and cleanup; light furniture moving.

h.)  Regular additional project responsibilities as assigned by the Employer, including but not limited to participation in the organization’s work with North Korean defectors.

i.)   Assisting with champion development.

j.)   Assisting with public relations.

k.)  Assisting with event planning, promotion, and coordination.

l.)   Representing the organization at events.

m.) Other tasks as directed by the Employer.

북한 사역 담당 사역자 (대전) North Korean Ministry Coordinator

Voice of the Martyrs Korea operates two weekly schools for North Korean defectors. These include Underground Technology (UT) (a discipleship program for learning basic Christine doctrine, knowledge and habits in accordance with traditional Christianity) and Underground University (UU) (A missionary training school for North Korean defectors to be missionaries who operate according to the missionary methods of the underground church). We are recruiting ministers to serve together at these two schools to disciple North Korean defectors to be doers of God’s word. Speakers of both Korean and English preferred. We are looking for ministers who, even if they are unable to speak English, are hoping to continue learning on an ongoing basis. Drivers with type 1 driver’s license preferred. We are looking for ministers who are living in Daejeon. Duties include administration ministries related to the schools, student visitation and management, preparing for and leading class, event planning and preparation. After a period of regular training, ministers undertake lecturing, training, and various evangelism trips.

Related ministries: UT, UU, Discipleship

일본어 사역자 Japan coordinator

VOM Korea is accepting applications for the Japan Coordinator position. The coordinator would be responsible for learning and sharing the stories of persecuted Christians with Japanese speaking people around the world. The coordinator will translate stories and news items from English to Japanese, and then share those stories through relationships built with the media and churches. English proficiency, excellent computer skills and a bachelor’s degree are required. Korean language proficiency, and a master’s degree are preferred but not required. Position is full-time from Tuesday to Saturday.

출판사 매니저 Publishing Company Manager

Provide day-to-day oversight of the publishing company, including print, digital, and audio projects in all language groups, from content acquisition through editorial development, production management, promotion, distribution, customer tracking, licensing, reporting, sales analysis, legal work, and mission deployment.

웹 디자이너 Web Designer

Voice of the Martyrs Korea is looking for someone (some English speaking desired) to maintain and update their multiple web-sites. Knowledge of WordPress is important and knowledge of HTML/CSS/JQUERY/Javascript is helpful but not necessary.

Application Process

1. Resume – Please submit your resume to the e-mail address below. After reviewing, Voice of the Martyrs Korea may send you an inquiry form.
[email protected]

2. Inquiry Form – Please return the filled inquiry form as fast as possible and, if possible, in English.

3. Interview – Multiple interviews may be conducted as the situation requires. In case of translation work, translation tests may also be conducted.

4. References – References will be required from former employers and local church.

5. Acceptance upon final review.