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Underground University Russia enables the church in Russia and the former Soviet Union to prepare for martyrdom and persecution amidst escalating legal restrictions. Such preparation must focus on helping the church here to remain one body with the faithful church around the world today and throughout history.

Underground University Russia

UU 러시아

Feedback from Online Participants

One attendee, who came to a UU Russia training, is a bishop who had his church closed down by court order in 2018. He was no stranger to persecution as he suffered for his faith during the time of militant atheism in the Soviet Union – first at school, then during the service in the Soviet army, and then as a minister of the church in the 80sHe assessed the current situation in Russia by saying the government is pressuring non-Orthodox denominations in order to deplete the resources of the church and to distract them from ministry and mission.  

Another Bishop who attended our training, shared that all the government’s restrictions seemed like targeted strategy against protestant churches.  

All attendees agreed that very little is preached in churches about suffering or about the cross nowadays. 

Mealtimes at UU Russia are a perfect time for reflection and support of one another. 

Please Pray With Us For The Following Requests:

함께 기도해주십시오

  • Pray for our upcoming UU Russia training this fall and the bigger one next year – Underground University Russia is an important training related to martyrdom for high-level church leaders in Russian speaking nations. The dates and the locations for the training still need to be finalized, but are tentatively on everyone’s calendar. Please pray that we would be able to hold the training, despite the Coronavirus and that God will provide everything required for this to happen. 


  • Keep praying for pastors who are facing fines and sanctions from the Russian government – A few pastors from Russia who participated in our online conference are currently banned from using their church buildings and have been involved in court trials for the last 10-15 years related to their Christian faith.   


  • Pray for believers in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries with predominantly Muslim populations –  Most of the Christian persecution that takes place in those countries are from Muslim family members or communities. Pray that these Muslim Background Believers can share the gospel amidst their relatives and neighbors. This year due to COVID-19 their evangelizing team was not able to travel to Kyrgyzstan. 

VOMK is producing Russian language resources and also distributing the resources that have already been produced.

We are reaching thousands of Russian speakers per month with stories of God’s faithfulness during persecution. This Facebook post is about the situation in India.

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