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Underground University Russia

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Underground University Russia enables the church in Russia and the former Soviet Union to prepare for martyrdom and persecution amidst escalating legal restrictions. Such preparation must focus on helping the church here to remain one body with the faithful church around the world today and throughout history.

Below are a few examples of Ukrainian Christians that we have directly supported from the UU Russia project in the 1st Quarter of 2022.


Anatoliy's wife shared that he was a relatively private person, so there are not many photos of him. But she shared with us some of her favorite photos including this one.

26-year-old Anatoliy Berezhny was struck from behind and killed by Russian mortar fire on March 6 while assisting a woman and two children who were attempting to evacuate from the area near Kyiv. Brother Anatoliy was not a pastor or missionary, but rather a help desk specialist and a system administrator. We are calling brother Anatoliy the “IT Martyr” due to his “day job” in IT – Information Technology.

Click here to read more about Anatolity and how VOM Korea was able to help his wife.


Five Ukrainian men died when a grenade hit their car in early March. These men were in charge of a group of people living in a church basement that was acting as a bomb shelter. They were providing these people with food, medicine, and fuel. Additionally, they would respond to needs that they saw around them as they went about providing for the approximately 200 people living in the church basement.

Just days before their death, these five men saw a house that was on fire and heard that there was a man named Vova trapped in the basement of that house because the entryway was locked and covered with soil.

Click here to read more about these five martyrs and how VOM Korea was able to help them.

Nicolai Semeken / Staneslav Burdun / Staneslav Eleseev / Roman Savelev / Sergei Savelev


VOM Korea supports Christians who are making a faithful witness, especially in dangerous areas. Brother Kiriluk and his family have been doing just that for many years.

But on February 24 of this year, he and his family awoke to the sounds of a heavy gunfire volley in what they would later learn was Schastie city, 30 kilometers away.

Though the conflict did not reach their home at that time, it did disrupt the village’s food supply. Another church in the area brought them flour—more than was needed to feed their whole family. That was when Brother Kiriluk’s wife suggested the idea of using the flour to bake bread to share with the other villagers.

Click here to read about how the Lord used the Kiriluk family to provide bread to their town.

The whole family takes part in all the steps of making bread.


Almost all of the Ukrainian Christians we support are simple Christians who are faithful to follow the Lord despite the difficult circumstances around them.

Vitaly and his church members certainly fit this description. They continue to preach the gospel in Kyiv throughout the war. Vitaly is not even an ordained pastor, but rather a youth leader in the church.

They are delivering food and medicine, helping doctors to get to and from the hospitals, and setting up bomb shelters. When they meet non-believers in the bomb shelters, they are evangelizing them, praying with them, and giving them specially prepared tracts which they print from a home printer.

Click here to learn more about Vitaly and how VOM Korea recently sent Vitaliy and the church funds to continue evangelizing in Kyiv. Here is a recent press release on them that has sharable material –

Vitaly and other church members prepare gospel tracts for distribution.

Please Pray With Us For The Following Requests:

함께 기도해주십시오

  • Pray for the Christian men in Ukraine who continue to do ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray that these men would continue to carry His Word into some of the most difficult and dangerous places in Ukraine. Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts of those that they carry God’s Word too.
  • Please pray for the Ukrainian widow of 26-year-old Anatoliy Berezhny. He died on March 6th while assisting a woman and two children who were attempting to evacuate from the area near Kyiv. He was an “IT Specialist” at his church in Irpin and he made a deliberate decision to lay down his life for Christ. It is evident in our ongoing conversation with his wife, that God is very near and present to her.
  • Please pray for the widows of the five men who died in Mauripol. Some of these women have children. Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and provision for each of these families. Pray also for the man named Vova, whom these five men led to the Lord just days before their death.


  1. Joe Sanders

    Says June 10, 2021 at am 5:32

    It was just a matter of time with persecution growing in Russia again and appearing that the authorities are colluding with some in the Russian Orthodox church to do so as they did prior to the Bolshevik revolution. Thank you VOMK for listening to the Lord about discipling Russian believers and preparing them for persecution.

    • Pastor Tim

      Says June 15, 2021 at am 10:27

      Thanks for your comment Joe! Yes . . . we need to keep lifting up our Russian brothers and sisters in prayer. ~ Pastor Tim

  2. Ariel Lohberger

    Says September 08, 2021 at am 12:21

    I thank you for telling how we can pray for these needs…I pray the requests word for word, aloud, to join you in praying corporately for these Christians and their churches. God bless them and you.

    • Pastor Tim

      Says September 10, 2021 at pm 4:22

      Hi Ariel! Great to hear from you. It’s great to hear that you are praying for these needs. God Bless ~ Pastor Tim

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