Update on Cameroon

Update on Cameroon

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Through your donations, we were able to help the 800 victims of the attacks of Boko Haram in Tourou (Village in the North of Cameroon).

The basic needs of the 800 victims of the Boko Haram attacks in Cameroon are being met.

We relocated pastors, provided basic needs and took care of their families.

We were also able to minister to a group of pastors, training them with the theology of persecution and in trauma healing. These pastors go to the most dangerous areas to minister to the believers living in fear and pain.

Christmas care packages were distributed to the children who have been affected by persecution in Cameroon.

Through your donations we were also able to provide a Christmas care package for 314 children who have been directly affected by the persecution in Cameroon.

Pastor Fanava from Tourou said this:

“I thank the Lord for the aid that came to Tourou. I thank God for the work he did through your hands. You stood with us in the suffering from persecution. You showed your love towards us and supported us. That gave me joy to go forward.”

The situation in the Northwest and Southwest of Cameroon continues to deteriorate though.

Since 2017, the regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon live in a state of instability linked to the secessionist movement that claims territorial independence. According to the International Crisis Group, this armed conflict has caused 1,850 deaths and more than 530,000 people to leave their homes to more secure places. Unfortunately, Christians were not spared from the attacks. Because they don’t choose the side of these secessionists, they are viewed of enemies. Churches are forced to close and/or are burnt down, and Christians have become the target of attacks. This crisis has pushed Christians in these regions to hide in the bush and, for those who can afford it, to flee the area completely.

Many Christians have been driven to live in the bush by the intense persecution.

Pastor and Dr. Foley gave a training for persecuted Cameroonian pastors in December.

Please Pray With Us For The Following Requests:

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  • Please continue to pray for the Christians and the Pastors who are in the midst of this armed conflict.

If you would like to support these Christians and others around the world like them, please go https://vomkorea.com/donation/  and mark your donation to FOM/FOP (Families of Martyrs/Families of Prisoners)

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