한국 교회 영성 회복 사역

Where is the church growing faster
—South Korean or North Korea? South Korea or Iran? South Korea or China?

The answers are surprising: North Korea, Iran, and China all restrict Christianity, and yet they are among the countries where the church is growing the fastest—much faster than South Korea. In fact, here in South Korea the church continues to decline. If we are eager to see our churches grow, we need to emulate and learn from Christians in persecuted countries, where the church is growing powerful and strong. And we need to return to our roots by learning from early Korean Christians, whose messages of sacrifice and strategies for carrying the Cross are as fresh and relevant today as they were when they first spread Christianity throughout Korea.

Voice of the Martyrs Korea aims to help renew the Korean church through the following projects:

Covenant Renewal Service

언약 갱신 예배


Pastor and Doctor Foley lead a morning prayer service at the very site where early Korean Christian Kim Gyo Shin cried out to God every morning as “Korea’s Jeremiah.” At every service, sermons from early Korean Christians are preached and the Lord’s Supper is shared. This service is open to the public. More information can be found here.

Martyr Spirit Speakers Series

순교자 영성 강의 시리즈

Every month Voice of the Martyrs Korea hosts a public event featuring a member (or servant of) the persecuted church. Through this event, the Korean church can better understand what it means to “take up our cross” and follow Christ. Proceeds from these events go to the guest speaker’s ministry. More information can be found here.

Doers of the Word (DotW) Sermon

‘말씀을 행하는 자들의 예배’ 설교

A weekly training session lead by Pastor and Doctor Foley about how to take up our cross and follow Christ today. Previous DotW sermons may be found here .

Translation and Publication of Resources

번역과 출판 사역

The same materials that Voice of the Martyrs Korea uses for its underground church training events for persecuted Christians are available to South Korean Christians and churches as well! You may find a full list here.

Recovering Early Korean Christian Sermons or Data

한국 초기 기독교 설교 및 자료 복원

Voice of the Martyrs Korea is always searching for sermons and teaching lessons from early Korean Christians. If you have sermons, photos, journals, writings, or stories from early Korean Christians, please contact us at [email protected].

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