North Korean Newcomers

North Korean Newcomers

North Korean Newcomers

탈북 새신자 맞이

Many North Korean defectors in South Korea can easily feel like they are forgotten, like the world has thrown them away. However, through the NK newcomers project, God visits the lonely, provides parents to the orphans, and demonstrates his mercy to those who cry out to HimEven though some of the NKs we meet have been in South Korea for a while, through the NK newcomers project God shows them that, although the world may have forsaken them, He has not forgotten them. 


Recently, a member of one of VOMK’s visitation teams, Mrs. Baek, who is a graduate from our NK defector discipleship training schools received a call from a new NK defector. The phone call was from Mrs. Kang. Mrs. Kang recently had a difference of opinion with another NK defector and the conflict came to blows. In the midst of the altercation, Mrs. Kang took a punch to her chest and broke a rib. Mrs. Kang has no family members living in South Korea, so, because she was having a difficult time, she invited the VOMK team to her home for a visitation. As usual, Mrs. Baek and the team went promptly to her house, comforted her, prayed together, read the Bible, and worshiped together.

[2021.03] [18-150-10136 (2021) Hanawon] [Visitation 1] [Sanitized]
Mrs. Baek’s team visits and prays for Mrs. Kang

As it turns out, the woman who broke Mrs. Kang’s rib, has recently joined a cult. Mrs. Baek is planning to visit this woman as well, to warn her about the cult, and to see if there is a way to help her to reconcile with Mrs. Kang.

There are many new NK defectors in South Korea like Mrs. Kang who do not have any family in South Korea. They can easily succumb to depression and trauma, leading them to have the highest rate of death due to suicide of any people group in the world. It is VOMK’s privilege that such people call on us when they feel helpless, and our NK Newcomer visitation teams are able to point them to the sufficiency of Christ, give them the comfort of Christ, and proclaim the gospel of Christ to them. In doing so, we often build relationships that lead to sharing of news, stories, and opportunities related to underground church ministry.

[2021.03] [18-150-10136 (2021) Hanawon] [Visitation 2] [Sanitized]
Another VOMK visitation team visits a woman with lower back pain.

Prayer Requests for this project:

  • Pray for reconciliation for two NK women who recently got in a fight: Fighting as a way to resolve differences is very common amongst NK defectors. One of the women involved got a broken rib as a result of the altercation. Pray that they would not only reconcile with each other, but that they would be brought to reconciliation with Christ.


  • Pray that the NK Newcomers Facility in South Korea would be able to have safe face-to-face discipleship meetings and worship services: Trying to worship online can be difficult for anyone, but especially for NK defectors who are brand-new to the faith and not always adept at technology. We praise the Lord that worship services are slowing opening-up again and pray that it would be able to continue.


  1. Pastor Kent

    Says March 04, 2020 at pm 6:51

    Yes, I will join you in praying this for him as well.

  2. Hana Kim

    Says November 18, 2020 at pm 3:11

    God bless you on this mission!

  3. Miriam Berríos

    Says December 20, 2020 at am 9:21

    Praying for KVOM ministry! ?✝️?

  4. jim_scoales

    Says March 02, 2021 at pm 7:16

    Amen God will keep His own gift of faith through Grace alive in every elect child of His.

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