Discipleship Bases

Discipleship Bases

Discipleship Bases

Discipleship Bases



Work with and visit individual base leaders to provide them with the resources to evangelize and disciple NKs in China, Russia, SE Asia and wherever NKs are found. Resources include discipleship training materials, New Testaments, MP3 players, medicine and ministry packs. Our discipleship bases model tenets of Christian faith for trainees to repeat and replicate among their family members and friends.

Sister K leads another North Korean woman to Christ, drawing out the gospel on a piece of paper.


The following testimony quotations come from different NKs who have received MP3s containing VOMK’s North Korean dialect audio Bible.

“Hello. As I came to this foreign land where I could not even speak the language, I was desolate and abandoned. I will keep the love of God in my heart forever who granted the everlasting life to a person such as me. And I will keep the love of my Father who gave me a new eternal life forever. We are grateful to know that there are people who help and lead the poor people in foreign country who are in much help and need. And I will cherish the words of God in the MP3 player that I can listen to conveniently anywhere.”

The daughter of an NK woman reads an Action Bible.

“We listen to our MP3s in bed every night on the bed. It echoes in my ears, as if someone is telling me stories. We listen to it every day. We are going to walk in one way. Comrades, let us hold hands and live to follow God’s will.”

“My colleagues love the MP3 players. I miss my Father, God, and I look to the sky that rises faraway, soothing my earnest heart and tracing the kingdom of heaven. Father, God, we will give joy to You by studying the Word hard. Please remember us with Your loving fatherly love and happiness.”

“We never fathom to know (how God the Father endured) the Son’s body being nailed and bleeding. We finally came to know God saved people in the world through that pain. We will keep God’s love with our life. Only the Word of God, which is in these MP3s, can protect us from this world. The only God can preserve us. We are joyful for him.”

“I am now sick due to malnutrition. Thank you, Father God, for knowing me and giving me this gift. I cannot take out the Bible whenever I want due to the strict control. I cannot even talk freely here. I work until late at night, and I only had a chance to secretly listen to the Word for a few minutes. It is nearly impossible to fully grasp how the Creator God helps poor people like me. Nevertheless, I give thanks to God who reached out to me and gave me a (ministry pack) through people.”

“Through the MP3, I learned that God created the world, and that God is alive and protecting us. Knowing this is like a dream. Thank you for sending us the MP3, which is full of the Word, along with the warm gifts. I do not understand the Word easily, but I will surely remember God’s warm and affectionate words, whether it takes me one listen, ten listens, or even a hundred listens.”

“I would like to thank you, who give us strength and courage in these hard days. And thank you for always giving me the love and grace of God and sending me precious gifts. We will keep this secret among ourselves in order to focus on studying the Word.”

“I will hug the grace of God and go on the one way. I will not be a friend who will leave on the way, but a life-or-death comrade who goes together. Comrades, even as we go, if the storms are fierce, let us help and lead one another, living with one heart and one will, keeping the word. We will stick together and keep it.”

“During this time where the whole world is experiencing difficult pains because of the epidemic, we cannot help my thankful heart for you, who have sent good-quality underwear and necessities to our employees. Who would ever think to embrace, with a warm grace, our female employees, who have left their homeland? Every night, the employees lay down in their sleeping places, listen to (the MP3s), and fall asleep. The next morning, they begin work with their minds at peace.”

Please Pray With Us For The Following Requests:

함께 기도해주십시오

  • Pray for our partners who will soon have a baby

    This couple runs a discipleship base, and are in the third trimester of pregnancy but are unable to find a midwife. Pray that God would provide this husband/wife team with sufficient birth care.

  • Pray for more NKs to be raised up as leaders in China, Russia, Thailand and Laos.

    As NK’s receive discipleship training and mature in the faith, we can appoint them as interns or workers at our discipleship bases. It is very exciting to have NKs reaching out and ministering to other NKs.

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