Discipleship Bases

Discipleship Bases

Discipleship Bases

Discipleship Bases



Work with and visit individual base leaders to provide them with the resources to evangelize and disciple NKs in China, Russia, SE Asia and wherever NKs are found. Resources include discipleship training materials, New Testaments, MP3 players, medicine and ministry packs. Our discipleship bases model tenets of Christian faith for trainees to repeat and replicate among their family members and friends.

A VOMK partner meets with NK laborers.


VOM Korea still works through our partners to distribute Bible devices and ministry packs regularly to NK laborers in China.


For a detailed report on the kinds of conditions North Korean laborers generally face in China, you may refer to this recent exposé article.


The following are three recent letters from NK laborers working in China sent to us through our partners:



It’s been a while since I’ve written a letter.

Everything is unfair and difficult but, because we came to know God, we can restrain ourselves and endure. This is because God knows the unfairness of the world. Today, we also started with prayer and fell asleep praying. I wish to God for the day when our motherland unifies, and we all get to meet to come one day sooner. – NK Laborer A

18-150-30115 [2023] Underground NK Christian Mission 4Q (4)

A handwritten letter from an NK laborer


I am (name withheld) from North Korea. I came to know a lot through the (ministry packs) which you sent.I  was a female (soldier) in Chosun. Nevertheless, it was hard to live, so I came out to China. I am still of young age, but I became sick and was living with tears, then I met God and came to pray for the first time. I thank the Lord that all of my disease has been healed. I also thank you. – NK Laborer B



Thank you for giving us much help. I was very sick, but, through prayer, my hurt wounds are being healed. I give thanks for your letting me believe in God. I believe the day will come when, one day soon, all Korean people will come to believe in God. – NK Laborer C

Please Pray With Us For The Following Requests

함께 기도해주십시오

  • Pray for NK Laborers – In the midst of difficult living circumstances, please pray for NK laborers that are located in China and in other countries. Pray that laborers may turn to the Lord in the midst of their difficult circumstances.
  • Pray for every North Korean that received a digital Bible in 2023. Each MP3 player and SD card distributed is very precious. Pray that God’s Word would accomplish it’s purpose in every person who received a device.

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  1. Joe Sanders

    Says July 19, 2022 at pm 10:44

    Sobering picture of the difficulty under COVID conditions etc plus persecution. Prayers for her and the others.

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