The intensified restrictions on believers in China throughout over the last few years continue to make our China’s broadcasting even more of a spiritual lifeline. With China’s record-level Internet surveillance and the closure of formerly accessible Christian web sites, including banning Bible apps and online forums, the radio airwaves are more important than ever for the Chinese audience. The simplicity, directness, and un-trackability of Shortwave signals make our broadcasts essential in reaching faithful and emerging listeners alike.

UU China Broadcaster 1

Our Chinese language volunteer recording a new broadcast.


Independent, verifiable reports from around the world continue to be one of the best ways to confirm that our broadcast has a good signal and is able to be received. Some reports are more interesting than others, but all reports are extremely valuable since they give us good data related to our broadcast.


Below are just two of the new reports that we’ve received (we are sharing these reports with minimal changes from what was originally sent to us):


Report #1

I listened to an audio recording of the radio program, thank you for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to China. God bless you. I hope you find my reception to be of some use. 

From: L***  Guangdong Province, China

UU China Broadcaster 5

Our Chinese language radio engineer records and edits each broadcast.

Report #2

I am 54 years old, a Christian, living in Kawaguchi city neighboring Tokyo.

This time I got information about Chinese and English broadcast of your station on a radio DX group at Facebook and tried tuning in to the frequency.

Though the reception condition was noisy on my equipment today, I could hear a powerful message and enjoy its great atmosphere. I guess that this service is for Chinese people who are now being suppressed in their closed society by the communist party and the dictator on the top of it. So, I will play, sincerely hoping that your broadcast will keep playing an important role to lead more and more Chinese people to Lord with the power of the Holy Spirit, as soon as possible.

Thanks for your excellent program. I will be waiting for your reply.

From: M*** Japan

Prayer Requests

이 사역을 위한 기도제목

  • Pray for a strong and clear signal for the VOMK broadcast to China. Our broadcast engineers work hard to ensure that the signal is clear on a daily basis.
  • Pray for each Chinese listener to the broadcast. The Chinese government is trying to restrict gospel content on the internet and also continuing to restrict in person worship gatherings. Pray that the hearts of Chinese believers would be encouraged through the gospel broadcasts on shortwave radio.