Support Danjuma Shakuru, a Nigerian Christian who was attacked by Islamic militants


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나이지리아 | Nigeria



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Christians who have been victims of attacks by Islamic militants


Support Christians and their family members who have been injured or killed by Islamic militants


In Northern Nigeria, most Christians have lost family members to Islamic militants. Many are martyred and many more are left with gruesome scars, missing limbs, and physical disabilities. Voice of the Martyrs Korea, a ministry working with persecuted Christians all over the world, is raising funds to support Danjuma Shakuru, a Nigerian Christian who was nearly killed in a 2015 attack by Islamic militants.


Individuals interested in helping support Danjuma and other Christians who have suffered or been imprisoned for their faith can donate by wire transfer  to:

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국민은행 (KB Bank) 463501-01-243303
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Danjuma's Story

On January 28, 2015, Islamic militants attacked Danjuma’s village. 23 people were killed, 38 were injured. One insurgent attacked Danjuma with a machete, slicing through the left side of his head, cutting his left arm, and removing his genitals.
Because of severe wounds, the villagers assumed Danjuma was dead. The villagers began digging a grave for him but stopped when he began crying and screaming. Danjuma was driven to the closest hospital 25km away. The hospital manager Hadila Adamu was amazed that Danjuma survived the attack.

Danjuma and his mother

“He bled so much. The fact that he survived is a miracle. That’s why he often refers to himself as ‘Miracle’.” Adamu says.

Although Danjuma survived the attack, he lost one eye and is blind in the other. He has to wear a catheter and is dependent on family members for daily care. Danjuma’s mother is a widow whose husband, also a Christian, was killed by militant Islamists. Despite the difficulties, both Danjuma and his mother give thanks to the Lord.

When asked about his attackers, Danjuma said,

“I forgive them because they did not know what they were doing. If they had loved, they wouldn’t have behaved that way. I do not feel any burden. I have allowed God to handle everything.”

Danjuma has undergone several surgeries and is now attending a school for the blind.