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OVERVIEW: This small island nation, which includes a mix of Sunni and Shiite Muslims, is connected to Saudi Arabia by a causeway and is frequently referred to as the “Saudi playground” because Saudis can leave their oppressive homeland and enjoy more freedom in Bahrain. While maintaining a distinctly Muslim identity, Bahrain has experienced significant religious, political and economic division. This unrest, coupled with the faithful witness of Arab and immigrant Christian workers, has led to a season of openness and some response to the gospel among those indigenous to Bahrain.

MAJOR RELIGIONS: 70 percent of Bahrainis are Shiite Muslims and 30 percent are Sunni Muslims. 

PERSECUTOR: Families are the main persecutors, but the government occasionally imprisons or harasses a new Christian.

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN BAHRAIN: Christian converts from Islam often lose their job, family and position in society. However, some still gather to worship in secret.

ACCESS TO BIBLES: Bahrainis have access to Scriptures through the Internet, book stores and churches.

VOM WORK: VOM supports evangelists who work throughout the Arabian Peninsula and distributes Bibles and other Christian literature. We also support media ministries by following up with those who contact the ministry.


National Flag [ 국기 ]
Population [ 인구 ]
1,442,659 (July 2017 est.) (July 2018 est.)
Ethnicity [ 인종 ]
Religion [ 종교 ]
Note: Muslim 70.3%, Christian 14.5%, Hindu 9.8%, Buddhist 2.5%, Jewish 0.6%, folk religion <.1, unaffiliated 1.9%, other 0.2% (2010 est.)
Leader [ 지도자 ]

King HAMAD bin Isa Al-Khalifa (since 6 March 1999); Crown Prince SALMAN bin Hamad Al-Khalifa (son of the monarch, born 21 October 1969)

Government Type [ 정부형태 ]
Constitutional monarchy
Legal System [ 법적 체제 ]
Mixed legal system of Islamic law, English common law, Egyptian civil, criminal, and commercial codes; customary law
Source [ 자료출처 ]

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