Nothing to Pity: God’s Purpose for the Pain of a Sex-Trafficked North Korean Woman

Nothing to Pity: God’s Purpose for the Pain of a Sex-Trafficked North Korean Woman

Join us in remembering faithful North Korean missionary, Mrs. Hong.

Like many North Korean women, Mrs. Hong was sex-trafficked into China. Unlike many North Korean women, however, the man who bought Mrs. Hong, an atheist, allowed her to attend church. He even welcomed the congregation into their home. Still, conditions at home were miserable and Mrs. Hong eagerly looked for opportunities to defect to South Korea.

Then, one day, during a worship service at their home, Mrs. Hong’s husband, still an atheist, wrote a poem: “Every moment, we have Jesus Christ. We believe him and have freedom in him.” At that moment, Mrs. Hong cried and repented. She realized that God was using her to reach her husband. Although it was difficult, Mrs. Hong remained with her husband to evangelize and disciple him. When she was miraculously healed of her lung cancer, her husband finally accepted Christ and was later baptized.

Then the cancer returned. Mrs. Hong and her husband did not give up on Christianity, however. They became stronger Christians. Every day, they would read the Bible together. As the cancer worsened, many other sex-trafficked North Korean women would visit Mrs. Hong. Instead of telling them about her illness, however, she would tell them about her Lord.

Recently, Mrs. Hong passed away.

If you asked Mrs. Hong, she would tell you that she was sex-trafficked into China. However, Jesus tells us to judge a tree by its fruit. Mrs. Hong was not just a sex-trafficked woman; she was a missionary chosen by God to reach sex-trafficked North Korean women in China.

Today, remember Mrs. Hong by praying for her request: “Please, pray for my husband and pray for the wisdom to deal with my family.”

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