On January 5th, a Chinese Christian mother from Early Rain Covenant Church experienced a miscarriage after suffering severe physical and mental harassment in China’s crackdown on the Early Rain Church last month. According to Voice of the Martyrs Korea representative, Hyun Sook Foley, On December 9, 2018, this mother was dragged by force from her bed and brought to the police station for interrogation. Ever since, she has been continually harassed and, on January 5th, was discovered by her church, seriously bleeding. This mother was ten weeks pregnant when the miscarriage occurred.

Authorities harass Early Rain Covenant Church members as they evangelize on the street.

“The mother chose to name her son Abel after the Biblical figure who was murdered by his own brother,”

representative Foley explains.

“Just as Abel was murdered by Cain, this mother’s Abel was killed as a result of the Cain-like senseless brutality of the CCP.”

After the loss of her child, this mother wrote a poem titled, “On the Way.” In this poem, she expressed that Abel was taken to heaven by God and that everyone else (including her) are on the way to visit him.
“Abel was 2019’s first Chinese Christian martyr,”

representative Foley says.

“2018 began with persecution looming on the horizon and now 2019 has begun in the midst of that heavy persecution. And yet the Chinese church stands strong.”

Representative Foley encourages the Korean church to stand strong alongside their Chinese brothers and sisters, not only in prayer but in material support.

“China’s crackdown on the church has pulled parents away from their children, denied higher education for Christian children, and caused the death of child and parent alike. Unlike Cain, the Korean church must understand that we truly are our brother’s keeper and that we are responsible for supporting our Chinese brothers and sisters during this dark hour.”

Anyone wishing to financially support the Chinese church in Chengdu and the church throughout all of China may give online at or wire transfer to:

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