Yazidi Believers

Yazidi Believers

This ancient secret religion includes the worship of satan and Yazidis have strongholds entrenched for over 4,000 years.  

Anahetti and Jakin left Syria for Turkey three years ago to escape the Islamic State that attacked them and forced a U.N. recognized genocide on them. They had been married for one month. Yazidis have three feasts and they eat a mixture of herbs at each one with the hopes of a vision from God.  

Masoud who is a Kurdish believer, reached out to them in Turkey and invited them to church. For eight months they declined adamantly but finally his persistence paid off. 

Anahetti and Jakin were surprised that thy enjoyed the worship and resonated with the sermon. The spiritual warfare was intense and dark. Both of them heard audibly the same voice that yelled at them during the sermon with these words:

“This is wrong! Get out of here!” 

They looked at each other and said resolutely:

“We are staying!” 

They did come to faith in Christ and they are passionately following Jesus and have a heart for their people who are so lost and deceived.  

Please pray for the Yazidis who are now open to the gospel after they have been displaced and slaughtered by Muslim terrorists. Also pray for Anahetti and Jakin who are leading worship now and writing praise songs. They are threatened with by their families and other Yazidis with death. JoAnn prayed with Anahetti spiritual warfare prayers and the stronghold of evil thoughts and demonic dreams were broken. The devil fights this dear couple at every turn. This picture is right after their intensive warfare prayer time. 


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