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아프가니스탄 | Afghanistan

DESIGNATION: Restricted BACKGROUND: Ravaged by years of drought, conflict and the destructive presence of radical groups, Afghanistan’s economy still relies heavily on foreign aid and the opium trade. Life in Afghanistan, long marked by tribal division, has been profoundly affected in the past decade by conflict between the Taliban and the government. Today, ISIS is also a threat in the country of 30 million, and the government is highly fragmented. The central government, splintered among opposing ethnic and tribal leaders, has been ineffective in providing opportunities or establishing security for the Afghan people, who live throughout vast desert areas and isolated mountain communities. MAJOR RELIGION: Afghanistan is 99.8 percent Muslim. PERSECUTOR: Local and national governments are highly antagonistic toward Christians. Extremist groups, including the Taliban and ISIS, are active, and believers are persecuted by their families, friends and communities. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN AFGHANISTAN: Afghans who are followers of Jesus must hide their faith and cannot worship openly. There are no physical church buildings in the country. All Christians worship in house churches. Evangelism is forbidden. Believers in Afghanistan gather in homes or other small venues. Christians or seekers are highly secretive about their faith, especially following a surge of arrests in recent years. Beatings, torture and kidnappings are routine for Christians in Afghanistan. Many have immigrated to neighboring countries in order to worship openly. Still, Afghan house churches continue to grow. A small number of Christians are martyred every year in Afghanistan, but this occurs largely without public knowledge. A small number of believers are in prison, but imprisonment is not common. Christian converts from Islam are often killed by family members or radicals before any legal process takes place. ACCESS TO BIBLES: Since there are no churches or bookstores in Afghanistan, Bibles are only available through underground ministry networks or in digital formats. There is little access to printed Bibles and the danger for owning one is extreme. Most believers do not have their own Bible, either because of lack of accessibility or the danger of having a Bible. However, online or digital formats are available and extremely helpful to believers and seekers. VOM WORK: VOM equips Afghan Christians by providing Bibles, TV and radio broadcasts, discipleship training, front-line worker support and other forms of practical and spiritual assistance.

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이라크 기독교인 제과점

지난 프로젝트 Iraqi Christian Bakery한국VOM과 이라크에 기독교인 제과점 세우기 "IS에게 터전을 빼앗긴 기독교인에게 생계수단을 지원해주세요." Project SummaryDonation [ 후원 현황 ...

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Underground Technology School

{:ko}Underground Technology SchoolUT 학교 많은 이들이 북한의 문이 열려 북한 사역을 시작할 수 있게 해 달라고 기도합니다. 그런데 북한 사역이 ...

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North Korean Newcomers

{:ko}North Korean Newcomers탈북 새신자 맞이 북한 지하교회에 관해 알 수 있는 최적의 장소는 어디일까요? 많은 이들이 정답은 분명 북한일 것이라고 ...

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Orphan Care

{:ko}Orphan Care고아 사역 고아들은 정기적으로 먹을 것을 찾아 북한과 중국 국경을 넘나듭니다. VOMK는 이런 고아들에게 가정을 기반으로 한 돌봄을 제공하고, ...

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