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Vietnam Motorbike Project

베트남 오토바이 프로젝트

For Vietnamese church planters and pastors, a motorbike is mobile church.

In January 2021, we wrote about Vietnamese pastors and church leaders who needed motorbikes in order to visit the hundreds of tiny house churches in the mountainous villages. Persecution of Christians is strong in these areas, but despite the persecution and the difficult terrain, the church is growing very fast.

Korean Christians donated enough money to provide 26 motorbikes to Vietnamese pastors and our partners are in the process of giving these bikes even now! Below are the testimonies of several Pastors who already received a motorbike.

Please pray for the continued distribution of these motorbikes and for every pastor who receives one!

Pastor TQ

My whole family came to the Lord in 1998 when I was 12 years old. Since then, I had joy and peace in my life. I wake up at 2 am on Sunday to take wood and boiled water and cook food for the church. We had to worship God at night due to hard persecution at that time. God called me to serve Him since I was young as a youth leader and then pastor assistant, preacher. I engaged in a mission team to reach out to unreached people group. One of the reasons that I live for is to bring nations to Jesus according to Mathew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15b. I was touched by God’s love for nations. My desire is to bring Gospel from village to village.

I have served the Lord for 17 years. God let me see many people groups come to know Him. Many churches have been built in my province. In order to see more people groups will worship God, I invite you to pray for me and with me. Praise to the Lord that He provided me with a motorbike as a means for me to travel on missions. Thank you for interceding for me.

I believe that God will use this new motorbike to bring more people back to Jesus, especially the unreached people group. They will be saved for His glory.

Pastor GB

I was born in 1972. I am married with four children. My first daughter got sick for many days in 2002. Two Christians came to visit our house during that time, and they prayed for my daughter. God healed my daughter immediately. It is the first time I encountered the healing power of God and received Jesus as my Lord.

Since I believed in Jesus, I started to serve Him, open my house for the church gathering of 5 households. I faced many trials and persecution. I was put in prison two times because of my faith in Jesus. They put me in prison for 3 months and then two weeks. They beat me and forced me to do hard work during my time in prison. In spite of trials and difficulties, I continue to serve the Lord. Our church increased to 25 households in 2006 and 119 households in 2021 with 529 believers. I am now in charge of 12 churches. I continue to preach, train, to evangelise in different churches every week. I often travel  to other areas to evangelise. My church became a training centre for our district also.

I’m so thankful for the gift from the Lord that I prayed for a long time. This motorbike will help me to serve Him better in mountainous areas.

Pastor DH

I was born in 1983. My father was a shaman for the community for many years, however, our life was worse and worse in poverty and lack of food. I remember we did not have enough rice for six months. We struggled to live in tears and hunger. My brother was sick in 1996. My father offered chickens, and a pig but my brother was still sick. We were living in darkness and sinful life. We were afraid of death, sin and darkness. I tried to escape from realities with alcohol and drugs. Some people in my village started to believe in Jesus but I mocked them at that time. After that, the Lord called me to believe in Him in 1998 through a half-deaf man who was looked down on because of his illiteracy. However, when he started to share “whoever believes in Jesus will be saved”, I was touched and was converted to Christianity. His visitation to my village brought 300 people to Christ. We faced persecution. Many people had to flee and hide in the forest. Despite persecution, there has been a movement of my people to come to Jesus, within a year 10,000 tribal people came to Jesus. I praise the Lord for saving my people including me.

We grew together as a church in the Word. People started to come to our house to pray and worship God. Our church started from such a movement. I am now pastoring a church with 120 believers. My life has been transformed since I believed in Jesus because of His grace to call and use me “But when God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by his grace, was pleased” (Galatians 1:15). I started to serve the Lord in 1999 as a church leader, and church pastor. I am now in the North of Vietnam overseeing more than 100  churches. My ministry involves pastoring churches, training and equipping church pastors and leaders.

Praise the Lord for this new motorbike which I will use to serve the Lord in travel teaching, visitation and encouraging persecuted believers and leaders.


I was born in 1967. I believed in Jesus in 1990. I am a mother of 7 children. My mother was the first person to believe in Jesus in my family. She shared with me the love of God and I trusted in Jesus. I was sick and very poor at that time. The Lord healed me totally and helped my whole family experience His peace, love and grace. The Lord also blessed our family with good health and a better life.

We faced hard persecution. Our family had to move over and over again. Wherever we went, we shared the Gospel with local people. Because of that, we were kicked out of the local community. We couldn’t meet at church in the daytime. We had to meet at night.

I am an illiterate woman. The Lord blesses me so I can learn language. I can read Bible, can go to the Bible classes. The Lord used me and my husband to evangelise in many provinces and plant churches. All of my family are serving the Lord in different ministerial roles. I am now one of the province’s women leaders.

I don’t have a motorbike so whenever I went for missions, I borrowed a motorbike. Therefore, my heart is filled with thankfulness when the Lord used you to bless me with a motorbike for His work.

Pastor TT

I was born in 1963. I used to be a shaman.  I believed in Jesus in 1998. I’m married with five children. A Hmong believer shared the Gospel with me. When I believed in Jesus, the villagers hated me very much because I quit my old idol worshipping to follow Jesus. As a first believer in my village, I was persecuted. I was fined because of my new faith in Jesus. I was oppressed by the local authorities. However, I still followed Jesus with all of my heart because I experienced God freed me from drug addiction sins. When I kept my faith, I shared Gospel with villagers. Gradually, the whole village came to Christ. Due to persecution, many believers had to flee to other provinces. I wanted to run away from persecution but there was no one to care for the church. Therefore, I stayed back to shepherd the church. The Lord used me to plant many churches in many places. The Lord even used me and other preachers to establish churches in China.

I am now the mission leader of my province and in charge of ten churches.

It’s my dream to have a motorbike to use for mission trips, to travel to the place where Christ has been known. God is so good to me.

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