ETHIOPIA | JAN. 24, 2022 — “God Intervened and Rescued Me”

ETHIOPIA | JAN. 24, 2022 — “God Intervened and Rescued Me”

ETHIOPIA | JAN. 24, 2022 — “God Intervened and Rescued Me”

ETHIOPIA — "God Intervened and Rescued Me"

Makda's husband kicked her out of her home for her Christian faith.

After visits to traditional healers and prayers from local sheikhs failed to heal her daughter from a mental illness, Makda decided to take her daughter to a Christian church for prayer.

As the Christian leaders ministered to the girl and prayed for her, she gradually experienced full healing from her illness. Because of her daughter’s miraculous healing, Makda placed her faith in Jesus Christ. When her husband learned about her newfound faith, he warned her to stop going to church. After she refused, he assaulted and repeatedly beat her. He then took her before the elders of the community, who commanded her to obey her husband and stop attending church. But Makda remained firm in her commitment to Christ. Her husband then kicked her and their children out of the home for refusing to abandon their Christian faith. She sought help from her relatives, but they too rejected her. Through the support Makda has received from VOM, she has been able to give glory to God and provide a witness for Him to the community who rejected her. “People were waiting for me to return to Islam when I could no longer bear the trials. But God intervened and rescued me and my children,” Makda said. “God honored me in the eyes of those who despised me and discriminated against me.”

Pray for her and her children as they faithfully follow the Lord. Pray that her testimony of God’s faithfulness will bring others to faith in Christ.

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