NIGERIA | JUL. 14, 2021 — “Nowhere Is Safe Anymore”

NIGERIA | JUL. 14, 2021 — “Nowhere Is Safe Anymore”

NIGERIA | JUL. 14, 2021 — “Nowhere Is Safe Anymore”

NIGERIA — “Nowhere Is Safe Anymore”

Thousands of Christians have been abducted and/or killed in their homes in Nigeria since the beginning of this year.

A VOM worker has reported that ongoing attacks by militant Fulani Muslims in many regions throughout Nigeria have resulted in the deaths and abductions of thousands of Christians since the beginning of the year.

“Nowhere in Nigeria is safe anymore,” the VOM worker said. “People are being killed by militant Fulani Muslim men for no reason. They are not even safe in their own homes.” Amid the violence by radical Islamists, Nigerian Christians also face opposition from government authorities rather than receiving the help they need. “The police and army, who are supposed to be protecting lives and property, disappear or refuse to come when Christians cry out for help,” the VOM worker said. “They are quick to arrest Christians who take it upon themselves to defend their people.” Pray that God will comfort those whose loved ones have been killed, and pray that those who have been kidnapped will be returned to their families safely.

Pray for those suffering from trauma after the brutal attacks. And pray that the Muslim persecutors will come to faith in Christ.


  1. Peace

    Says July 23, 2021 at pm 6:10

    하나님 상처받은 나이지리아의 주님의 자녀들 한명한명 찾아가 위로해주시고 만져주시고 눈동자와 같이 보호해주세요. 예수님을 위해 핍박받는 저들에게 주님의 평안과 기쁨으로 채워주시고 무슬림들도 주님께로 돌아오게 해주세요

    • Hrheo

      Says August 04, 2021 at pm 1:24

      아멘. 신실한 기도의 동역 감사드립니다!

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