YEMEN | JUN. 04, 2021 — Finding Christ on the TV and Radio

YEMEN | JUN. 04, 2021 — Finding Christ on the TV and Radio

YEMEN | JUN. 04, 2021 — Finding Christ on the TV and Radio

YEMEN — Finding Christ on the TV and Radio

Christian media efforts are advancing the gospel in Yemen.

VOM workers have been contacted recently by Yemenis who are coming to faith in Christ through various media outlets.

One woman reached out to a VOM worker after seeing a Christian TV program. Unbeknownst to her at the time, her husband was also watching the same show, and he contacted the worker as well. They both gave their lives to Christ without knowing the other one had become a believer. The VOM worker encouraged them to share their faith with each other, and their joy was great when they realized how the Lord had worked in both their hearts at the same time. Another couple had questions about Christ after listening to a Christian radio program. They too reached out to VOM workers with their questions, and eventually both put their trust in Christ. These believers live in an isolated part of Yemen without access to regular Christian fellowship, so pray for them as they continue to grow in their newfound faith.

Pray that even more Yemenis will find hope in Christ through the evangelistic outreach of Christian media.


  1. 유혜영

    Says May 31, 2021 at am 9:00

    여호와 닛시! 믿음의 승리와 소망을 주신 하나님께 감사와 영광을 올려드립니다.!
    불가능을 가능케 하신 하나님! 전쟁의 승패는 하나님의 손에 있습니다. 할렐루야!

  2. kim

    Says June 08, 2021 at am 4:55

    예멘을 사랑하시는 하나님 ! 그 크신 은혜를 감사드립니다.
    다양한 통로를 통해 예멘의 영혼들을 부르시고 구원하여 주시니 감사합니다.
    어렵게 만난 그리스도 예수님이시니 그들의 믿음을 더욱 굳세게 하여주셔서 어떠한 환란과 핍박중에도 주님을 따를 용기를 주시며 주님안에서 소망을가지고 살게 하여주세요.

    우리에게 구원의 은혜를 베푸신 하나님께 감사드리며 우리 주 예수 그리스도의 이름으로 감사드리며 기도합니다 아멘!

    • Hrheo

      Says June 11, 2021 at pm 2:32

      핍박받는 형제자매들이 자유국가에 살고있는 저희들에게 언제나 요청하는 첫번째는 ‘기도’입니다! 핍박속에서도 하나님을 향한 믿음을 굳건히 지키고 있는 믿음의 형제자매들과 매일 신실한 기도로 동역해주시고, 주변분들께 이러한 소식과 기도제목 많이 나누셔서 계신곳에서 순교자의 ‘소리’가 되어주세요!

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