Pastor Anooshavan Avedian

Pastor Anooshavan Avedian

아누샤반 아베디안 목사


Imprisoned for 1 years

Prisoner Name
Anooshavan Avedian
Prisoner Profile

Pastor Anooshavan Avedian was arrested by Iranian security agents on Aug. 21, 2020, at the pastor’s home, where he and some Christian friends had gathered for prayer and worship. The group was meeting in his home because Iranian officials had closed their church several years earlier. The government agents confiscated Bibles and cellphones before taking Pastor Avedian and two other Christians to Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. The pastor’s two friends were released two days later, but Pastor Avedian was held for 26 days and harshly interrogated.


On April 11, 2022, an Iranian judge sentenced Pastor Avedian to 10 years in prison for engaging in “propaganda contrary to and disturbing to the holy religion of Islam.” Police ordered Pastor Avedian to appear at Evin prison on Sept. 18, 2023, to begin his 10-year prison sentence.


In addition to his current prison term, Pastor Avedian faces an additional 10 years for “deprivation of social rights” upon his release. The pastor had appealed to Iran’s Supreme Court for a retrial, but the appeal was denied. Pastor Avedian is 61 years old and has a wife and two children.

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Anooshavan Avedian ,
Evin Prison, Saadat Abad,
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran


“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them,
and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” 

Hebrews 13:3