2020년 8월 소식지

Bibles to a Conflict Area

Getting God’s Word into the hands of persecuted Christians in conflict areas is a great encouragement to them. The Nuba Mountains of Sudan is one such hard-to-reach area that poses a variety of logistical challenges. 

One of the biggest obstacles is a humanitarian blockade that has been in place for the past nine years. And while the blockade may be withdrawn soon, it is currently still a crime to deliver any form of relief, including Bibles, to the area. Getting aid and Bibles to Christians in these areas can be a challenge, requiring transport by truck on sometimes impassable roads and even by small airplanes. 

VOM’s field leader in Sudan said last year was especially challenging because of severe flooding. “Some of the places that used to be ‘roads’ had standing water up to the neck level,” he said. “Even … trucks were unable to move for about four weeks.” 

In light of these challenges, receiving a shipment of print Bibles and “Bible radios” in this hard-to-reach area means the world to our brothers and sisters in Christ who live there. “For the hundreds of churches spread over the embattled Nuba Mountains, these Bibles are like reinforcements in a major battle,” a field worker said.

Prayer Requests

2020년 8월 소식지

  • For a clear path of Bible distribution to Christians.


  • For the protection of those delivering Bibles in these areas.