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ALGERIA – Pray for children who are being raised as a future generation of Islamists. 

MALAYSIA – Pray that more Bibles and Christian materials will be made available in the Malay language. 

BRUNEI – Pray for the 20 legally registered churches and for their pastors, who are watched closely. 

TANZANIA – Pray that Muslim converts to Christianity will be bold in their faith. 

LEBANON – Pray that the walls of fear will disappear between living churches and needy souls. 

INDIA – Pray that Christians will be able to forgive their persecutors, especially former friends and neighbors. 

LAOS – Pray for the wisdom of evangelists who share the gospel in restricted areas.  

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Pray that members of royal families in the UAE will come to know Jesus as savior. 

NEPAL – Pray for pastors persecuted by Hindu radical groups. 

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – Pray for Christians displaced by ongoing warfare. 

SYRIA – Pray for church leaders and their families, who often endure separation to minister to others. 

LAOS – Pray for believers who are evicted from their villages because they refuse to renounce their faith. 

PAKISTAN – Pray that Christian converts will love their enemies and pray for their persecutors. 

BAHRAIN – Pray that Christian bookstores in Bahrain will be effective tools in God’s hand. 

INDIA – Pray for front-line workers in Uttar Pradesh state who are receiving bicycles and motorbikes.

YEMEN – Pray for the missionaries in Yemen. 

CHINA – Pray that younger believers will develop the deep faith their elders gained through intense persecution. 

TAJIKISTAN – Pray for pastors who are tempted to leave the country because of constant harassment and threats.

TUNISIA – Pray for the protection of new believers, leaders and missionaries.

QATAR – Pray that the local church will be blessed with discipleship opportunities. 

BHUTAN – Pray for Christians who are distributing tracts and New Testaments to unbelievers. 

SUDAN – Pray for the comfort of those who have lost family members in the ongoing bombings. 

MYANMAR(BURMA) – Pray for the covert distribution of Bibles. 

AZERBAIJAN – Pray that church leaders will not be affected by the country’s widespread corruption. 

QATAR – Pray that the true face of Islam will be revealed, opening hearts to Christ.

CHAD – Pray for Christians facing Islamic extremism. 

MALAYSIA – Pray that Christians will be strong in faith and love as they face unjust treatment by Muslims. 

SAUDI ARABIA – Pray that those reached through TV, radio and the Internet will find Christian fellowship. 

TANZANIA – Pray that Christian communities in Tanzania will not respond with violence when persecuted. 

LEBANON – Pray for persecuted Christians who feel alone in their suffering. 

NEPAL – Pray for the distribution of Bibles on MP3 players.

COMOROS – Pray for the encouragement of believers. 

IRAQ – Pray that Iraqi believers will stay in their country as witnesses for Christ rather than emigrating.

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