4,000 “Sunday Schools in a Box” have been distributed through Chinese house church networks to Christian children and families across China in 2020, according to Voice of the Martyrs Korea Representative Dr. Hyun Sook Foley.

“A ‘Sunday School in a Box’ is a Children’s Bible, video player, and a digital curriculum packaged together so that an adult of any education level can use it to teach the whole Old and New Testament to their child,” says Representative Foley. “The vision for Sunday School in a Box came from Chinese house church network leaders. They told us that the greatest threat to the Chinese church is the government’s efforts to prevent Christian parents and churches from discipling their own childrenSo these leaders created a strategy where legally available components from different locations in China could be purchased, assembled into packages, and then distributed through ‘underground’ networks to Chinese Christian parents to disciple their children.” 

Children in a mountainous region in China watching a video player from one of 4,000 “Sunday Schools in a Box” so far distributed across China.

Representative Foley said the role of Voice of the Martyrs Korea in the project is to provide the funding for the 5,000 “Sunday Schools in a Box” requested by Chinese house church leaders for distribution in 2020. The organization is doing this through its donorspartner organizationsand sister Voice of the Martyrs ministries around the world. Each “Sunday School in a Box” costs 75,000 KRW and is designed to reach an average of seven children. Representative Foley says Voice of the Martyrs Korea has 60 more boxes remaining to be funded in order to complete its commitment 

Funds for the boxes have been transferred to the field as quickly as possible, which has already enabled more than 4,000 boxes to be distributed even during the pandemic, says Representative Foley“There is no central coordinating point but instead many purchasing, assembly, and distribution agents working completely independent of each other, with no knowledge of each other, spread out all across China. This way, even if one part of the network is disrupted, the rest of the work can continue without difficulty. This has enabled large-scale distribution to happen even during the Coronavirus, with boxes reaching families even in very remote areas, which makes this project unique and special.”   

Representative Foley says the ministry continues to receive messages of thanks from the Christian families who have received the boxes. She shares the following samples: 

We have received the gospel video Sunday school player and we treasure the love from brothers and sisters! Our spiritual life, with the help of the player, keeps growing and renewing. Brother ******, Yunnan province 

Thank you for your generous help and thank our Lord for giving us the gifts through you. We have felt the love from you and God. We will make good use of the gifts, so they become the channels to bless others. —Brother ******, Shanxi province 

Your loving offering has been received. May the Lord bless you! We will make good use of this in our gospel ministry and take care of it. Please also pray for us. Thank you. May God’s grace be with you. —Elder *****, Inner Mongolia 

Although we don’t know each other, yet we are united closely as one through love of Christ as one Body of Christ. The Sunday School in a Box players were received and distributed to the hands of both elderly illiterate and young children Christians. It is such a beautiful thing to send them the tools so that they can hear the gospel more and bring abundant spiritual blessings to them! May the Lord remember your love from far away and may your loving hearts can inspire more people to love the Lord more so that our Savior Lord Jesus Christ can receive praises and worship! 

Brother ***, Shaanxi province 

Representative Foley asks for prayers for the spiritual growth of each child who has already received a box, as well as protection over those who will distribute the remaining boxes. 

The home is the place where the battle for the Christian faith is won or lost in every country in every generation,” says Representative FoleyIf Chinese Christian parents are not given comprehensive, useful tools to raise their children in the faith, those children will become the first line of persecution against the church in the next few years.” 

Individuals and churches interested in making a donation to help cover the cost of the remaining 60 boxes (at 75,000 KRW per box) can do so at or via electronic transfer in Korea to: 

국민은행 (KB Bank) 463501-01-243303
예금주 (Account holder): ()순교자의소리 

Please include the phrase “SSIB” (for Sunday School in a Box”) on the transfer. Any additional funds raised beyond what is needed to fund the remaining 60 boxes will be applied to Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s ongoing partnership with the Chinese underground church, which is described more fully at 

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