Sunday School in a Box

Sunday School in a Box

Sunday School in a Box

상자 속의 주일학교

The China Communist's Party's #1 goal is to stop Christianity from reaching the next generation.

Therefore, we will purchase and distribute 5,000 "Sunday Schools in a Box"--self-contained, easy to use, comprehensive Sunday school programs for Chinese Christian parents to use to disciple their children and others. Each Sunday School in a Box consist of materials sourced and purchased in China: a legally available Children's Bible that parents can read to their children, a 64GB SIM card loaded with teaching aids (John MacArthur’s Sunday school materials in Chinese, Pilgrim Progress animation film, the “Cloud of Witnesses” VOM videos series), and a China sourced video player.

SSIB Distribution Update - September 2020

From the beginning, this project was fraught with dangers. Even though all of the SSIB materials were legally sourced in China, there was no way the CCP was going to allow this distribution without a fight. And fight they did.

This is precisely why we decentralized the distribution of the boxes from the start. We knew that if some boxes were found and confiscated that the project could continue because different people, different house church networks and also different resourcing of materials were taking place in various regions throughout China. And this is exactly what happened.

Even though almost 600 boxes have been confiscated, 4,000 boxes have been safely distributed to children and families across China. Despite the dangers, our Chinese partners continue to believe that this project is extremely important and have continued to distribute the boxes.

Most of the boxes have been given to families connected to small and not so well-known house churches, just like the children in the below photo from a mountainous area in southwest China.

SSIB Photo Children 2 Sanitized

Children in the mountainous region watching the video player distributed in the boxes.

SSIB Photo Children 1 Sanitized

The children are holding up some of the materials in the boxes.

Below are a few testimonies from individuals/families who have received the boxes.

Thank you for your generous help and thank our Lord for giving us the gifts through you. We have felt the love from you and God. We will make good use of the gifts, so they become the channels to bless others.

Brother ******, Shanxi province

Your loving offering has been received and thank you. May the Lord bless you! We will make good use of this in our gospel ministry and take care of it. Please also pray for us. Thank you. May God’s grace be with you.

Elder *****, Inner Mongolia

The messages from the radio are very valuable, and have been sent to brothers and sisters. As a result, our church will be more and more on the right path. And I am also gradually listening and learning. Thanks for your kind offering. May the Lord bless you.

Brother *****, Hebei province

Although we don’t know each other, yet we are united closely as one through love of Christ as one Body of Christ. Both the SSIB and Bible Players were received and distributed to the hands of both elderly illiterate and young children Christians. It is such a beautiful thing to send them the tools so that they can hear the gospel more and bring abundant spiritual blessings to them! May the Lord remember your love from far away and may your loving hearts can inspire more people to love the Lord more so that our Savior Lord Jesus Christ can receive praises and worship!

Brother ***, Shaanxi province

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상자 속의 주일학교

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