Sunday School in a Box

Sunday School in a Box

Sunday School in a Box

상자 속의 주일학교

The China Communist's Party's #1 goal is to stop Christianity from reaching the next generation.

Therefore, we will purchase and distribute 5,000 "Sunday Schools in a Box"--self-contained, easy to use, comprehensive Sunday school programs for Chinese Christian parents to use to disciple their children and others. Each Sunday School in a Box consist of materials sourced and purchased in China: a legally available Children's Bible that parents can read to their children, a 64GB SIM card loaded with teaching aids (John MacArthur’s Sunday school materials in Chinese, Pilgrim Progress animation film, the “Cloud of Witnesses” VOM videos series), and a China sourced video player.

If you wanted to describe the persecution faced by Christians today, the most appropriate word would be the “Great Cleansing”, which is the name of Xi Jinping’s movement. Christians who have worked hard to raise funds and acquire buildings are forced to look on as their churches are demolished in an instant. Even today, pastors, clergy, and ordinary Christians are arrested throughout China. They’re imprisoned, tortured, beaten, and drugged into false confessions. If we were to list out all the tortures these Christians have faced in the last year alone, it would fill more than a single, bloody book. 

2018 marked a new wave of Christian persecution in China–a coordinated, country-wide offensive against the church in both its registered and unregistered forms. And since that point, the Chinese government has continued to refine and strengthen its persecution of Christians. 

The July 2019 edition of “China Women’s News” published the following news; At the meeting of the Communist Central Party (CCP), Xi Jinping said that it is necessary to incorporate loyalty to the CCP into the building of family bonds, family love and family values. Loyalty to the CCC, he declared, is the soul and lifeblood of the children. Parents should help their children “button the first button”, “take the first step”, and “sow the seeds of loyalty to the CCP” in the hearts of their children. 

Since China launched its new religious regulations in Feb 2018, minors have been officially prohibited from entering church buildings. Church summer camps and Sunday schools are banned throughout the country. Parents cannot bring even their babies to church. The Education Bureau has issued notices to kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools: Students are not allowed to participate in religious activities.    

The CCP now sends three-person teams to churches to conduct two surprise inspections each month. If a child is found in the church building, the congregation will be fined 200,000 RMB (nearly $30,000USD). 

While church summer camps are banned, the Communist Party has launched “little reporters” summer camps. At these camps, children not only learn communist ideology but are also trained how and why to spy on their parents, teachers, and friends and report their anti-communist behaviour and attitudes to the government. 

The Chinese government is trying to eliminate Christianity through prohibiting the next generation of Chinese citizens from hearing and experiencing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

But Christianity has never really thrived in elaborate church buildings or in highly organized children’s programs with paid professionals. It has flourished in places like prison cells, desolate forests and especially in the individual homes of believers.

In fact, the home is the most foundational element of every church. Throughout the centuries the home was called the “small church” and each family member was trained to preach, pray and sing. 

That’s why the Sunday School in Box project is so important. Each box is a self-contained, easy to use, comprehensive Sunday school program for Chinese Christian parents to use to disciple their own children and others right in their own homes. 

So far over 2,000 boxes have been distributed to Christian families throughout China. Thimeans that not only Bibles, discipleship materials and Christian videos have been distributed, it also represents a church being birthed and strengthened in the most powerful and foundation place – the home! 

Prayer Requests for this project

상자 속의 주일학교

  • Pray for the distribution of each Sunday School in a Box. 2000 Boxes have already been distributed, but 3,000 remain. These are currently being distributed all throughout China. The Boxes are being received and distributed by different people and in different ways. The items included in each Box may be slightly different based on what’s locally available. Please pray for every person that is involved in the active distribution. 


  • Pray for every home that is receiving a Sunday School in a Box. The Chinese government considers it a victory to restrict children from entering a church building. But the very foundation of the church is the home and children are being discipled and families strengthened through each and every Box. What the enemy has meant for evil, the Lord uses for good! 

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