UGANDA | NOV. 09, 2020 — Woman Poisoned by Family

UGANDA — Woman Poisoned by Family

Anna is now healthy at home with her heavenly father.

A VOM-supported Christian woman died earlier this month from complications due to poisoning.

Anna came to Christ from a Muslim background, and her family did not accept her choice. She fled to a pastor’s home in earlier August, but by then she was already ill and rapidly losing weight. After several days, she was struggling to walk and in great pain. Her family knew she was ill, and her father sent a message to her saying she would not survive. After a month in the hospital, she succumbed to the illness and passed away. Doctors found damage to her internal organs from poison, which her family likely administered to her while she still lived at home. Anna is survived by two children, ages 12 and 6, who are being cared for by the pastor. “It is a very sad moment for us losing Anna,” the pastor said. “It is very sad for the children as well. Thank you for coming to Anna’s aid. She died grateful. God brought you to show her the real love of God.” 

Please pray for her children.