Rice Bottle Launches

쌀 병 사역

Twice a month, we stuff both rice and Bibles into water bottles, travel to a small island across the border from North Korea and toss them into the sea, allowing the currents to carry them to the North Korean coastline. Originally, rice launchers were only sending rice out of concern for the North Koreans’ physical well-being, but we thought that any bottle capable of carrying food for the body could also carry food for the soul as well.

If the gate is closed, we cart the rice bottles several hundred yards to the rocky coastal
GPS devices are placed in waterproof bags and thrown into the water alongside the rice bottles. They follow the same trajectory as the bottles

First, volunteers pour rice into plastic bottles and also place a Bible into each bottle. This takes place in the days preceding the launch. On the day of the launch, the volunteers pack the bottles (normally about 500-1,000 per launch) and take it to an island close to the coast of North Korea. After reaching the beach and unloading the bottles, the volunteers begin to fling the bottles into the ocean and watch the bobbing waves begin to carry the bottles to North Korea.  

Once arriving at the shore, the rice bottles have to be carried another 100 yards over rocks that are difficult to walk over
The bags of rice bottles are placed as close to the water as possible

The whole process is time consuming and labor intensive. It is not glamorous. We ourselves didn’t believe it actually worked…until we saw the GPS tracks with our own eyes! 

VOMK, in accordance with the request of the NK underground church, seeks to send to the Bible to all corners of NK. The Southern coastal areas of NK are being besieged with rice bottle Bibles! 

The bags are dumped on the rocks, each bag contains 10 bottles of rice
Dr. Foley heaves a bottle filled with rice and a Bible into the tide headed to North Korea

Rice Bottle Prayer Requests

쌀 병 사역

  • Pray for the rice launches which take place every two weeks. Pray that the rice bottles and bibles would flow safely and quickly to North Korea. And pray that God would prepare the receiver of both the physical food (rice) and spiritual food (Bible). Also pray for each launcher and their physical safety as they carry heavy bags of rice over slippery rocks.

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