Orphan Care

Orphan Care

Orphan Care

고아 사역

Orphans regularly cross the border between North Korea and China in search of food. VOMK supports these orphans by providing family-based care and discipleship in the manner of the North Korean underground church, rather than the manner of Western-style orphanages.

There are many North Korean women who were sold into sex slavery in China. They have to live with a sense of unease due to not having proper identification. If they get caught, they are sent back to NK and imprisoned, treated worse than animals. But having given birth to children with their Han Chinese husbands, they try to keep their family together. Recently, more North Korean women are defecting to South Korea in order to try to live safer lives by avoiding the problem of a lack of proper identification.

But the more of them who escape to South Korea, the more orphans are left behind. Usually these North Korean women were sold to Chinese men who are incapable of making money or who are handicapped or mentally ill. They are not attractive candidates for marriage with Chinese women, so they buy North Korean women. After these women are sold to their Chinese husbands, they then have to work hard to pay off the money that their Chinese husbands borrowed in order to buy them. Most of the income for their family would come from their work.

If these North Korean women escape to South Korea, their children become orphans, for all intents and purposes. Most husbands have no capability to make money to support the children due to their handicaps or mental illnesses. Even if the husband is normal and tries to go out to work, the children then stay home alone without any care until their fathers return home late at night. Some husbands abandon their children. Others beg a pastor to take care of their children.

After North Korean women defect to South Korea, it is rare for them to visit their children in China. One or two times they may visit or send some money for them. Most North Korean defector women simply try to forget about their children there because they desire to forget their lives in China and start new lives without their children and husbands in China. These situations produce orphans. But they are children who have carry on the blood of Chosun. When they grow up, it is possible for them to become precious ministers that God may use as his “Chinese instruments,” visiting North Korea for His work.

VOMK is preparing family-friendly orphan care for these children. Their fathers can bring them to the orphanage while they are working and then pick them back up after work every night or on the weekend. In addition to discipling them, we educate them in the Korean language, English, music and instruments so that they can grow up to glorify God. The orphanage is built, but we are in need of renovating the inside of the building.

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