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Calendar of Events
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AFGHANISTAN – Pray that persecuted believers will be granted the grace to endure suffering.

CUBA – Pray for churches and believers still recovering from hurricane damage.

IRAQ – Pray that many Christians will stay in Iraq for the sake of the gospel.


SRI LANKA – Pray that churches will focus on discipleship and developing godly leaders.

RAMADAN BEGINS – The Muslim month of fasting begins today. Pray that Muslims will hunger for the truth found not in Islam, but only in Jesus Christ.

UZBEKISTAN – Pray that God will use the church’s athletic, humanitarian and medical outreaches to transform society.

UGANDA – Pray for those being trained to minister to Christian converts from Islam.

AFGHANISTAN – Pray for the salvation of government leaders as well as members of the Taliban and al-Qaida.

INDIA – “Pray that God would heal me.” — Persecuted believer

MYANMAR – Pray for young people who are more attracted to economic opportunities than ministry work.

IRAN – Pray that Bibles will be available in every city in Iran.

MEXICO – Pray that God will open doors for those distributing Bibles in the mountains of Chiapas, where Christians face violent opposition.

INDONESIA – Pray for Abraham Moses, sentenced to four years in prison on a blasphemy conviction.

TAJIKISTAN – Pray for the spiritual and physical renewal of church leaders.

LAOS – Pray that the Holy Spirit will work through radio messages to reach hearts and encourage believers.

MAURITANIA – Pray for the repeal of apostasy laws, which carry the death penalty for former Muslims.

NEPAL – Pray that the government will show favor to Christians, as persecution is increasing.

PAKISTAN – Pray for Christian converts from Islam who share the gospel with Muslims.

BAHRAIN – Pray that the church will equip believers for effective ministry.

DJIBOUTI – Pray that Somali and Eritrean refugees will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in Djibouti.

NORTH KOREA – Pray for North Korean defectors who commit to being missionaries to their own people.

EGYPT – “Pray for my unsaved family members.” — Christian convert from Islam

UZBEKISTAN – Pray that government reforms will help change negative attitudes toward evangelical Christians.

MALI – Pray for churches in the south that minister to displaced Christians in the north.

SRI LANKA – Pray for growth and maturity within the indigenous church.

KYRGYZSTAN – Pray that Christians will reach out to their persecutors with the love of Christ.

EGYPT – Pray for Christian families forced to flee the city of Arish because of extremists.

LEBANON – Pray that Muslim Syrian refugees will respond to the gospel.

COLOMBIA – Pray that Colombia’s leaders will not have ties to drug-running rebel groups.

BAHRAIN – Pray that the royal family will become followers of Christ.

인도네시아 – “제 신분증을 무슬림에서 기독교인으로 바꾸도록 기도해주세요.” – 이슬람에서 회심한 한 기독교인.

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