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NIGERIA Pastor Testifies of Eternal Hope Before His Execution

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A pastor executed by Boko Haram militants left an inspiring legacy in the form of a hostage video. The Reverend Lawan Andimi was kidnapped from his village in Adamawa state on Jan. 2, 2020. While most villagers were able to escape, the pastor was taken in what appeared to be a targeted kidnapping. On Jan. 7, the pastorís captors forced him to record a video from his place of captivity. With the black flag of the Islamic State West African Province hanging behind his shoulder, Lawan said, ìI have never been discouraged, because all conditions that one finds himself in is the hands of God. Ö By the grace of God, I will be together with my wife, my children and my colleagues. [But] if the opportunity has not been granted, maybe it is the will of God.î Confident in his eternal hope, Lawan was beheaded by his captors on Jan. 20. ìIt is possible that he knew this might be his last message to his family, which is why he asked them not to cry or worry, but to thank God for everything,î a VOM worker in Nigeria said. Pray for the pastorís family, and pray that his boldness may soften the hearts of his killers. Photo: Lawan-Andimi Caption: Lawan used the video his terrorist captors took of him to declare his trust in a good God.

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